DarkSoft Capcom CPS1 Multi Acrylic Plates

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PLEASE leave a note with your order if your CPS1 Multi uses the large ribbon cable instead of the flat cable for the Dip Switch extender. As a different base plate and side panel will be sent.

Custom Lasercut Acrylic for the DarkSoft Capcom CPS1 Multigame arcade motherboard. This kit includes bottom, side and top acrylic plates. Plus all plastic spacers and hardware needed for assembly. 

Assembly instructions

Features of this kit include LCD holder and button caps for the top plates. Along with volume dial extenders for both the CPS1.5 Stereo and JAMMA volumes. The left top of the plates has a list of the officially released CPS1 and 1.5 arcade games. The right side acrylic sheets include a cutout for the SD Card (not included) with an icon marking the location. The front side acrylic sheet for the JAMMA edge extension board has cutouts for the kick harness pinouts and the CPS1.5 stereo plugs. It also supports the Mitsurugi-w's 3/4 player adapter pcb with cutout on the right side spacer for 5v cable to reach the motherboard. The left side acrylic plate include holes for the Mitsurugi-w internally mounted Dip Switch extender pcb. The side opposite the JAMMA edge includes a mounting for a 40mm PC fan but will need a longer 2pin connector to reach the 12v pins on the Darksoft pcb. While not necessary, some may like increased air flow. Note, the Capcom A board is intentionally left uncovered by the side acrylic plates. 

Suggested separate purchase:

Items note required or included, but will work with this kit:

  • Dip Switch Extender for inside mounting, created by Mitsurugi-w over at Arcade-Projects.com. Suggest using the flat 25cm cable.
  • CPS1.5 3/4 Player Helper Adapter w/CPS2 kick by Mitsurugi-w 
  • 40mm PC fan with long 2 pin adapter. Example photos used Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX on Amazon which includes a 2pin adapter and extension cable.