Cat Paw Balltop Cover - Reproduction

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Resin cast reproduction Cat Paw balltop covers for Cave's Uo Poko puzzle arcade game. The four colors are similar too original but are a shade lighter. These are NOT a limit run. If demand is there, these will continue to be made in small batches periodically.

Note the Size Requirements Before Purchase

These are intended to fit standards size arcade balltops. Which are about 35mm across. While the metal shaft should be 10mm. A smaller shaft of 9mm will work but the paw may shift/wobble in use. A plastic shaft cover may assist. Anything 11 or 12mm will be too large and the paw will not screw together.  

Original Versus Reproduction

From the outside both the original (Yellow) and the reproduction paw (Green) look almost identical. On closer inspection, look at the 2nd photo below. The reproduction isn't hollowed out for injection molding. This is the easy way to tell an original from these resin cast reproductions.

Original Cat Paw in yellow on the left. Reproduction on the right in green.