NEO-GEO MV1C Top & Bottom Plates v2

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Lasercut Acrylic top and bottom plates for a MV1C arcade motherboard.

Version 2 of the MV1C acrylic plates now includes a cutout on the bottom plate to give additional room around the JAMMA Connection. This should assist when connecting Superguns and a JAMMA harness.

MV1C bottom acrylic plate Updated MV1C acrylic base plate

The bottom plate is made from 1/4 inch clear acrylic. The top plate comes in 1/8" black acrylic with a second clear sheet on top. 3d printed mounting spaces, feet and screws included.

Parts List

1 x Top clear acrylic plate with Logos
1 x Top colored acrylic plate
1 x Bottom 1/4" clear acrylic plate
1 x Bag of screws and printed spacers and feet

Assembly Instructions for MV1C

    • Plates ONLY work with the MV1C variant of the Neo-Geo 1 slot motherboards. The other versions have different dimensions and won't fit.

  • This sale is for Acrylic plates and assembly hardware only. No arcade PCB included. Photos with Neo-Geo motherboard ONLY used to show example of assembled product.