• This is acrylic and plastic. Hands and screwdriver ONLY. Use power tools and something will crack or break.
  • Acrylic is plastic. So it will scratch. So I would avoid sharp objects around the acrylic (screws) until you’re ready for them.

Okay, let’s get started.

First place your existing MVS cart next to the new custom shell. In the photo below both shells have the white arrow pointing down. So you know this is the front of the game cart.

Next we’re going to flip them over and remove the screws. Please take care to place them in a safe place that won’t get lost. Paper or plastic solo cup is always a good option

Remove the back covers from both shells. Again take care not to scratch.

Next let’s remove the two game PCB’s and plastic divider from the original case. In the photo below you can see the PROG board. With the CHAR board board under neither. It’s a good time to note that all rom chips on the boards face the back.

Remove the acrylic spacer from the shell below. Note that the divider has a notch on one side. When inserted it faces the front of the shell.

Now remove the plastic bag from the shell.

If you look closely the 4 small spacers you’ll notice 2 of them are larger.

The larger plastic spacers has two screws and plastic washers that need to be removed. Note that one screw is on either side.

Now take the game PCBs and place next to the part you removed the screws from.

Remove the plastic divider from the old shell. Try and not move the PCBs too much. We don’t want to get them mixed up.

Move the PROG board up some and place this new spacer onto the CHAR board. Inserting into the two large holes.

Place the PROG board back on top. Again inserting the spacer into the top round holes.

Take one of the screws and plastic washers and add it to the left hole.

Once the screw and washer are installed flip the boards over using both hands. As there currently nothing holding the bottom board, (CHAR board).

Take the other screw and plastic washer and install on the left hole.

Now that CHAR board is attached we want to flip the PCBs back over. Note there is still some movement with the two PCBs attached to the spacer. This is intentional and will give a little play when placing the game into a MVS system.

With the PCBs flipped and the PROG board on top add the acrylic divider. Note that corner notch is facing down in the photos.

Now let’s add the boards to the shell. Note as you place the boards into the shell the acrylic divider should slip into a notch on either side of the shell. Also double check that both boards are resting flat. The CHAR board, the one on the bottom should rest flat. Just above the bottom acrylic.

Now find those 4 plastic spacers we separated into two groups. The larger two are for the top left and right of the shell.

Take the remaining two and place them on lower down on both the left and right sides in the notches for the outer acrylic screws.

The spacers should fit like below.

Now lets add the acrylic back cover to the shell. Take note that the screw holes are countersunk. So the indentions should be on the outside.

Add all four screws. While it’s okay to tighten these screws. Just be careful. Over doing it will flex the acrylic and cause it to possibly fail.

And we’re done! Enjoy.

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