NEO-GEO MVS Custom Game Shell


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UPDATE: Shells do NOT fit shockboxes. Also CMVS systems with rounded cartridge slots, such as Jamma-Nation-X, will not work with this shell. Due to the fact the shells not having rounded corners.

For Advanced users only. Not responsible for damage caused by miss handling arcade PCB boards.

These custom MVS shells are a replacement for the standard shell made for Neo-Geo arcade games. Modified or custom boards may not fit.

NOTE, this shell will NOT fit a NEOSD. A separate version will be available shortly.

Product package includes:

  • Front acrylic plate with engraved arrow.
  • Back acrylic plate
  • Bottom divider PCB acrylic plate
  • Plastic shell
  • Plastic PCB spacer and screws

Assembly Instructions coming shortly

  • This sale is for acrylic and plastic MVS shell only. No arcade PCB included. Photos with Neo-Geo motherboard and MVS game pcb ONLY used to show examples of assembled product.
  • Not responsible for damage caused by miss use of shell to game or arcade system.


Product is hand made. Other than minor variations this product should be free from flaw or defect. If an issue is found please use the contact us page with details of the problem. A free replacement or refund will be offered. Include photos so any design flaw can be determined and fixed.

International orders
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